John and Stacie Whitford

Dear crew,

We just wanted to take a minute to thank you guys for the amazing job that you did on our Radiant Barrier installation and how much we love the product. Our only regret is not having it installed sooner.

Our house was completed in November of 2006. The first summer in our home we had issues with our air conditioning and the motor in our forced air unit, actually, burned out and we had to have it rebuilt. At that time, we realized that the ventilation in the attic was inadequate and we installed a gable vent fan. The repairman told us that our attic temperature was roughly 150*.

The following summer, we began having the same air conditioning issues. It was suggested that we install roofline vents, so we did. This seemed to help slightly, but we continued to have issues during the hottest points of the summer. In the summer of 2010, we again had issues at which point the motor on the forced air unit burned out, again, and had to be replaced. We have been at our wits end ever since, trying to come up with a solution.

After speaking with Greenhome Specialties in July of 2013, we decided that Radiant Barrier might be the solution we had been looking for. We had the product installed in August, just as the hottest days of the summer came upon us. It was the first time since building our house that we were able to maintain a comfortable temperature in our house. We have one room in particular that was like walking into a sauna. About a week after we had the product installed, we found that there was no difference in the temperature in that room than in any room in the house. It probably cooled that room by about 10*-15*

An additional bonus of installing Radiant Barrier came about five months later when we received our electricity and natural gas bills. We have always been on an even-pay program with our utilities and they reassess our usage every six months. Much to our surprise, our usage had improved so much that we were able to skip an entire payment with each utility. We continue to see our usage lower than the comparative month last year.

The expense that we put out up front was well worth the return that we have seen so far. Thank you so much!



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