Lola Dunn

“My name is Lola Dunn, and I purchased Radiant Barrier from GreenHome Specialties at the end of May. We are new home owners, and as summer was approaching, the temperature in our home was climbing every day. We have a lot of vertical space, so we found it would be so cold in the basement and way too hot upstairs, even with the AC going round the clock. Our electric bill was already seriously high in May, and I knew we had to do something. I got a call back right away to have someone meet with me. There was an amazing salesman who wasn’t intimidating or pushy at all! He was really just sharing an amazing product with me that was only going to save me money in the long run. Everything was explained in straightforward terms the whole time. It was like he just cared about getting my home to a wonderful comfort level. Installation was quick and painless, even when I was trying to manage and two year old and a napping newborn during the process. Not one sound! My home was not a construction site in the least.

I seriously felt a difference in comfort within a day! The basement was still cool, and upstairs still warm, but I didn’t start to sweat just from walking up the stairs anymore! Also, our May electric bill ended up being higher than June and close to the same as July. I can’t even imagine what the cost this summer would have been without our Radiant Barrier and the extra insulation.

These guys were so honest and really great to work with. I’d recommend even just seeing the presentation because it’s a product that is so so worth it, especially if you’re utility bills are high. We were lucky to find them.”


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